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Our ‘why?’ is YOU. We are fascinated by that combination of Man and intellectual imperative which drives the need to leave a mark, traces of our passing.

Martin Supthut

Tel. 043 421 95 00

A very warm welcome - you are at home!

Humentum is a composition of Human and Momentum and this is excactly what we do and live for. For us you are the center of our interest and you keep us going.

Based on our very long-term HR experience we focus beside of "conventional" recruiting matters on candidate coaching and HR-consulting. The common journey is our aim and from our sucess we gain strength Hum + entum".

In the name of the Humentum AG Team I thank you for your interest and we would be very pleased meeeting you soon.

In the meantime I remain, with kindest regards,

Martin Supthut

Humentum = Enhancer + Enabler

Our collaboration will establish your way forward. Through the recruitment process and finding the right match, our efforts will be centered on you and your requirements.


> Job-seeker/Candidate: 
We will be there to help you set-up and present your application portfolio, prepare for and attend the interview, and the following de-brief. Click here for more information about Coaching.

> Recruitment Decision Maker:
We will show you how to integrate the most successful tools, the internet and social networks into your recruiting process, and we also will train your colleagues in the use of these tools. We will advise you about your recruitment process and the steps you should be taking. Click here to find more about Humentum Consulting.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are at your service. You can always reach us by phone, E-Mail or Contact Form We look forward to meeting you.

Humentum = Team + Success

We are a Swiss Recruiting Agency working with local companies and candidates therefore we require our internal collaborator to be fluent in Swiss German.

We want to continue to grow but not at any price. Quality always concerns us and in all respects quantity. Therefore, if you are already one of the best in our industry today or want to count in the future, you are ready to give 150% performance but also receive the appropriate appreciation, thanks, responsibility, confidence and it is important to you to be involved in a high performance team but where the beautiful things of life are not forgotten, we are sure to be an interesting option for your next career move.

We are a young, dynamic Swiss company and we are looking for employees who actively think, contribute and do not settle for the first solution. For us, our customers, candidates and colleagues are at the center of our interests. We work with concentration and perseverance and if we enjoy it, then we will be fine. We are eager to learn and eager to learn and regularly leave our comfort zone - this is the only way we can get better and that is our daily goal.

If these words are not simply words for you, then you will be happy to receive your complete application dossier by E-Mail


Recruiting = Human + Momentum

A very warm welcome – you have chosen the site of the recruiting expert. Together we are going to get your next challenge. With many years of specialized recruiting expertise combined with our extremely well kept employer network we increase your chances not to meet your job expectation but to over-achieve your best wishes.

We are looking forward to our collaboration.

Open vacancies

Choose contract type, region and the job-category of interest or a key word to get the relevant positions:

Contract Type
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  Region Basel
  Region Bern
  Region Chur
  Region Mittelland
  Region Zentralschweiz
  Region Ostschweiz
  Region Deutschschweiz
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  Region Ausland
Business Analyse / Requirement Engineering->
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  Business Analyse / Audit(1)
Database Engineering / DWH / BI->
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  DBA / Databaseadministration(1)
Software Engineering->
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  .NET Software Development / Engineering(6)
  Embedded Development / Engineering(1)
  Software Architect(1)
  Software Development / Engineering(3)
Infrastructur Engineering->
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  Security Engineering(1)
  Unix/Linux Systemingeneering / Systemadm(1)
  Windows Systemengineering/Systemadminist(5)
Testing & Quality->
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Support / User Helpdesk->
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  Support / User Helpdesk(1)
Project Management->
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  Project- Program-Management(2)
Processmanagement / ITIL ->
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Productmanagement ->
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ERP / SAP / Navision->
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  ERP / SAP / Navision, etc.(1)
IT Procurement / Vendor Management->
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IT Sales / Presales / Sales Support->
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Sales / Presales / Sales->
IT Sales / Presales / Sales Support->
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Sales/Presales/Sales Supp->
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  Verkauf Beratung / Aussendienst / KAM(5)
  Verkauf Innendienst / Backoffice(3)
Kundendienst / Call Center->
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Human Resources & Coaching->
Human Resources & Coaching->
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  HR Recruiting(4)
Administration & Operation->
Administration & Operations->
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  PA / Assistant to Management(3)
Einkauf / Supply Chain Management->
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  Einkauf/Supply Chain Management(2)
Buchhaltung / Accounting / Controlling->
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  Accountant / Controller(3)
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Versicherung / Insurance->
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CFO / Head Finance->
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Hochbau / Surface Construction->
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Tiefbau / Underground Engineering->
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Innenausbau / Interior Finishing->
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Maschinenengineering / Konstruktion->
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Verkaufsengineering / Sales Engineering->
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Project / Product Engineering->
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Gebäudetechnik / Energie->
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Kunststofftechnik / Plastic Engineering->
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Automatik / Mechatronik->
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Mechanik / CNC->
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Holzbau / Timber Work->
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Dokumentation / Technical Writing->
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Quality-Management / Engineering->
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R&D Forschung / Entwicklung->
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General Management->
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CFO / Head Finance->
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Give your e-mail address to receive the result of the search as E-mail.


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success = interview + coaching

Welcome! If you are interested in interview preparation than you are absolutely right here. We offer tailor-made interview coaching – what you need is what you get and what you get is what you pay for. Together we make sure that your application is state of the art and the interview a piece of cake.



Most probably you are not performing interviews on a daily base. It is easy - just a question of exercise - as so many things in life.We know what you need to know and how you are going to be challenged. Therefore we have created 3 OFFERS you can choose and which are easily adapted exactly to your needs.

Wie gehen wir vor:

  1. Get in touch with us to get a time slot. Call +41 421 95 00, write an E-Mail or fill in the FORM.
  2. You will get the confirmation via e-Mail with detailed information what we need to prepare and by when and you will get our guidebook all about finding a new job.
  3. To prepare as good as possible we need your dossier at least 3 days in advance. It should be CV, additional documents like diplomas, references, etc. and ideally the job ad you have applied for or you would apply.
  4. Based on your dossier we are going to choose the best matching coach out of our network with the most industry know-how.
  5. In addition to that you dossier will be checked by 2-3 coaches so that you get a broad feedback.
  6. Your coach will prepare the session so that he/she is ready for you.
  7. We perform the interview in a place you don’t know just as it will be in real.

Based on all the very, very good feedback we have received in the last years we are convinced that you are going to be very satisfied as well and ready for your next interview. Give it a try!



 Check of dossier

Our HR expert is going to check your dossier and will give you tips and hints on how to improve your dossier. (CV with 2-4 pages) Price: CHF 80.-

 Interview including feedback-session

We perform an interview exactly as you are going to have applying for a new job. The interview will be held by a very experienced HR-coach.

The first 60 minutes are charged CHF 129.- each additional 30 minutes CHF 60.-.


Check of dossier, Interview-coaching, and Feedback-Session. The first 60 minutes CHF 159.- each additional 30 minutes CHF 60.-.


The offers and the prices mentioned are based on Monday to Friday and in between 08.00 and 19.00. The coaching is held in German and at our office in Zurich. Special wishes like after 19.00 are charged an addition of CHF 50.- and on Saturday with an addition of CHF 100.-. Do you wish to perform the coaching in English we charge a fee of CHF 75.-. Students get a onetime reduction of CHF 50.-. The coaching will be charged cash after the session.


 success = preparation + know-how

HUMENTUM - application guidebook

To prepare yourself as good as possible we have collected the opinion of many HR experts in one document you can order here (only in German, sorry). In addition you can download a German or an English version of a CV template.

CV - made easy Preparation for
the interview
Entry into Switzerland

Direct Download to CV templates:

German - Musterlebenslauf
English - CV template

To order the above mentioned application guidebook documents follow the link: Document Order


 improvement = feedback + change

We have received the following feedback on past coachings from our candidates. It is an excerpt. If you have any questions about the individual feedbacks, we are very happy to put you in contact with us.

H.N. aus Zürich
After defeating a "competitor" for the second time in the second round, I decided to use the services of the Humentum team. My coach was very well prepared and was able to show me points in a very short time, which are now natural for me but if, as I do not do daily interviews, you simply do not notice. The next interview will be different. Many Thanks!

M.S. aus Dietikon
My coaching has far exceeded my expectations. I was super prepared and received a compliment for the following interview. I have already been invited for the second interview.

K.I. aus Au
It is absolutely exciting to see what points my opponent has paid attention to. The feedback session at the end was extremely helpful.

E.D. aus Zürich
I found it particularly exciting, because the whole conversation took place in a strange environment and I did not know what I'm getting into. In the end I got a lot of tips and I am sure that I will be much better prepared for my further interviews.

Tell us how satisfied you were by filling: Feedback-Form


consulting = knowhow + vision

A very warm welcome - you have chosen the site of your recruiting expert. In our daily business we do experience the problem of to many openings and not enough or too many candidates. Time is crucial especially in a time of a “war for talents”.

We can offer you solutions to your questions! Get in touch with us today!


Offer 1: Social Media

Do you use Social Medias like Xing and LinkedIn to contact potential future employees? NO? Then it is about time to do it!
We have been using Social Media for years now and we know the pros and cons. We think, as recruitment specialists, that we should concentrate on the special task and enhance you in how to use Social Media to find your candidates as quick and efficient as possible – it is surely not rocket science. What covers offer 1:

  1. Meet & Greet Social Media – about 30 Min.?
    We introduce you to Xing and LinkedIn and what is possible in their use.
  2. Functionality from Social media – about 60-90 Min.
    Theory: Based on our experience we show you what is the best way to search, introduce yourself and convince the possible future employee on replying on your contact requests.
  3. Recruitment with Social media – about 120 Min.
    Hands-on: We start searching possible future employees in collaboration with you and we get things going.

Preferable we do this education session at your desk – like this we know that everything works, you have the rights and permissions and you can store all the templates on your own computer. If this is not possible for any reason we can of course do it at our locality.
For offer 1 we charge CHF 160.-/per hour inclusive all training material. Transport at CHF 120.-/per hour.

Offer 2: Onsite Recruiting

Do you have a staff shortage in your personal recruitment department? If so we have very well-trained and experienced recruitment specialist who are ready to act as your staff member at your facility. We are flexible and we are able to help at very short notice. Just contact us!

Offer 3: HR Recruitment process consulting

We believe that over the years it is useful that extern specialists have a look at grown processes. We have been proven right in several occasions. Especially in recruitment and in the last few years, many new and potential alternative ways of recruitment and employer branding have changed on how we do business. We can show you how!

Booking - Consulting

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